Dr. Inger Swimpson

“I can’t give up. There is nothing more important or more urgent than educating every child. Every day. No excuses because every child wants to learn. They may not want to learn what we’re teaching
but they want to learn.”

Dr. Inger Swimpson is a native of North Carolina and moved to Maryland after earning her bachelor’s degree in Biology and her teaching certification at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Passionate about teaching and education, the decision to work as an educator for the past 25 years with the Montgomery County Public Schools was easy. While in MCPS Dr. Swimpson has worked as a middle school science teacher assuring that students believed in themselves, their academic potential and the possibilities. With aspirations toward leadership, she obtained her master’s degree in Administration and Supervision and her doctorate in Educational Leadership. Her leadership experiences include department chairperson and Supervisor, Staff Development Programs, Director, Certification and Staffing, and Director, Talent Acquisition.

Grateful for the opportunity to be a servant leader, Dr. Swimpson has earned Maryland State Department of Education certification in administration and supervision and the MSDE superintendent’s endorsement. She is a skilled facilitator and excels at helping leaders discover their creativity and passion through shared leadership challenges and aspirations. She is a Facilitative Leadership Master Trainer having earned this certification through Interaction Institute for Social Change. She understands the dynamics of race, culture, and equity and the importance of building systemic cultural competence and is an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator. One of her most professionally gratifying experiences was the establishment of the BOND Program. BOND, Building Our Network of Diversity, is a networking, leadership, mentorship, and fellowship program created for African American and Latino male educators in Montgomery County Public Schools. This program allows these men of color to connect, share, and build upon their craft – teaching.

Dr. Swimpson uses her leadership and K-12 experience to assist institutions of higher education in creating and sustaining partnerships with school districts. She serves on the TEAC and ELAB for Howard University; EdPrep Committee with the University of Maryland, College Park, serves as adjunct faculty at Hood College and Towson University and is a certified reviewer of Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs.