Instructional Design: Live the Learning Model

Number of sessions: 1

Length of sessions: 60 minutes Audience: Teachers

Session Maximum Capacity: 50

Platform: ZOOM – session link will be sent to all who are registered


In this session, participants will learn the Live the Learning Model of instructional planning and design. Teachers will learn to address learning outcomes with differentiated activities and experiences for students in ways that support the “See it, Name it, Do it, Reflect” approach to engage students while modeling effective instructional strategies.

This model allows the participants to cement learning and transfer to others through:


  • SEE IT:

Design airtight activities that give participants a model to follow

  • NAME IT:

Facilitate substantive sharing that allows participants to draw the conclusion; then name it with formal vocabulary

  • DO IT:

Application and Practice

Ensure that participants plan & practice implementing their learning in simulated and real-world experiences


Make neurological connection

Provide ample opportunities for participants to reflect