Using Improvement Science Series

Number of sessions: 3

Length of sessions: 60 minutes Audience: School Leadership Teams Session Maximum Capacity: 50

Platform: ZOOM – session link will be sent to all who are registered


In this session, school teams will learn to use Improvement Science tools and processes to identify system issues, seek change ideas, and implement plausible change to address an identified problem of practice (such as chronic absenteeism and subsequent low graduation rates.) This training is designed to help address the unique needs of a participant’s school and they will learn about Improvement Science (IS) and explain how IS may be a viable option to improve their system or school level processes for problem solving.


Through participation in a simulated improvement scenario, teams will apply knowledge of improvement science tools and processes to identify and test a change idea to address a problem of practice and be able to apply improvement science to the unique contexts of their work to develop an action plan.

Participants will apply best and promising practices from Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better

(Harvard Education Press) which provides a context for disciplined inquiry to identify, adapt, and scale interventions.


Participants will explore the following essential improvement questions:

  1. What specifically are we trying to accomplish?
  2. What change might we introduce and why?

How will we know that a change is actually an improvement?