Our Team

Ms. Valda Valbrun

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Valda Valbrun is the CEO of The Valbrun Consulting Group. As an established educational leader, she is known for passion toward inclusive, research-based, data-driven pedagogy. She is a system change facilitator with a proven track record of supporting schools and districts to change and manage educational practices and establish systems for achievement. Prior to founding her company, she was a school and district leader, Director of Professional Learning at ASCD, and Executive Director of Organizational Management with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. She is a strategic partner to The Winter’s Group, Inc. and Mindsteps, Inc. and a consultant to Cross and Joftus. She also serves as an Executive Board Member of Teach for Haiti. Ms. Valbrun is an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator and holds a certificate as a Facilitative Leader for Social Change.

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Ms. Michaelle Pope

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Michaelle Pope is an experienced district leader with 30 years of leadership in Broward County Schools, the sixth largest public school system. Known for strategy management for effective coordination of district and community resources and educational and wraparound services for students and families, Ms. Pope has successfully led initiatives that support student’s academic and social emotional needs, preparing them for learning, for college, careers and for life success. Her expertise includes coordinating the resources and practices of multiple agencies for improved outcomes in the areas of equity and academic attainment, diversity and inclusion, eliminating disproportional minority representation in school discipline and disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline. Ms. Pope is an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator and holds a certificate as a Facilitative Leader for Social Change.

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Dr. Linda Harper

Dr. Linda Harper has served students in many capacities from classroom teacher, curriculum specialist to her current role as a secondary school principal. She is credited with transforming the city’s alternative education program and its largest high school into a safe and nurturing learning and working environment. She and her team have garnered several state and national recognitions for their efforts in improving student outcomes. This includes recognition for increased graduation rates and post secondary school placement.

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Ms. Veda Hudge

Over the past 28 years, Mrs. Hudge has held a variety of positions as an educator with Broward County Public Schools. She began her career as an elementary school teacher, and as a district-based instructional coach. She later moved to school and district leadership roles where she served as elementary school assistant principal, principal, Director of A++ /No Child Left Behind, Director of Accountability, Director of Strategic Achievement, and her current role as Director of the Office of Service Quality.

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Mr. Travis Jones

Mr. Travis Jones is a strategist whose specialty areas include race, religion, cultural competency and leadership. He leverages social science research to address issues of organizational culture both on the individual and group level. His commitment to evidenced-based practice means he tries to marry the best of the humanities and social science research with the evidence of our everyday experience to inform content design, facilitation, and consulting services across a wide array of organizations in both the public and private sector.

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Mr. Kelvin Moore

Senior Consultant

Mr. Kelvin Moore is a dedicated and passionate educator that currently serves as an Instructional Director (Principal Supervisor) overseeing high school and alternative education campuses with nearly 12,000 students. He brings teaching and leadership experiences from Orange (Orlando) County Schools, District of Columbia Public Schools, Prince Georges County Schools, and Baltimore City Schools. He has served at all grade bands and in primarily high need and turnaround settings. He has an extensive background in special education and professional development.

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Dr. Sylvia Morrison

Dr. Sylvia Morrison is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Education, Health, and Social Work. With extensive experience in PreK-12 programs, Dr. Morrison taught students in general and special education classes at the elementary and secondary levels and was an assistant principal and principal in racially, ethnically, linguistically, and economically diverse schools.

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Dr. Amalio Nieves

Dr. Amalio Nieves is an experienced leader with over 30 years of leadership in large urban school districts, including Chicago, Broward County and Boston. Dr. Nieves has successfully led initiatives aimed at fostering and sustaining organizational commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and ensuring high quality equitable educational opportunities for all students.

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Mr. Kirk Sykes

Mr. Kirk Sykes is a transformational leader and consultant with a proven record in school turnaround and transformation. He has spent the last four years building the capacity of school leaders in Metro Atlanta where those leaders have experienced their greatest gains in student achievement and college readiness to date.

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