Facilitative Leadership

Facilitative Styled Leadership is a people-centered paradigm being used by more organizations than ever before. At the heart of its tenets is deep collaboration; our experts at The Valbrun Consulting Group will share with you how to motivate members of your team to foster effective processes, an improved workplace culture, and teamwork. Organizations are supported in using quality tools for collaboration, and leading effective teams.

Facilitative Styled Leadership

Competencies of Facilitative Leaders

The Valbrun Consulting Group will share some of the basic competencies that a facilitative leader should have. These include:

  • An understanding of how the interaction of groups impacts productivity and relationships
  • How to keep group interactions and discussions productive, clear, and focused
  • Hot to set clear expectations, goals, decision-making processes, and roles of team players
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Developing self-critique, evaluation models, and improvement plans
Workplace Commitment and Productivity

Workplace Commitment and Productivity

An important element for Facilitative Leaders to consider is the quality of relationships between supervisors and employees; this climate directly impacts employee loyalty and productivity. The professional team at The Valbrun Consulting Group will emphasize:

  • Giving consistent and clear expectations
  • Caring for members of the organization
  • Valuing the unique qualities of each member
  • Encouraging and supporting development and growth of members
Building Trust

Building Trust

From our years in leadership roles, our experts at The Valbrun Consulting Group know that facilitative styled leadership is successfully built on trust. We’ll cover the elements of engagement, explanation, expectation, and clarity to foster a more successful interaction dynamic.