Training Design and Delivery

Lifelong learning is important for all members of a successful organization.

At The Valbrun Consulting Group we help you learn how to manage human resources and how to provide people with the tools necessary for their role in your organization.

Our team understands that certain elements are a vital part of attracting and retaining talent.

Training and Development

Elements of Successful Training Design and Delivery Programs

Our professionals will show you how to create a training program that is a positive learning experience for the members of your organization. We will emphasize:

  • Clear training goals
  • Using problem-centered and practical approaches
  • Connecting new material to work experiences and past learning
  • Providing an informal and supportive learning environment
Developing an Individual Learning Plan

Designing an Individual Learning Plan

For members of your organization to grow and succeed, they should develop an individual learning plan. Our professionals can demonstrate some basic information that should be included. For success to occur we will include:

  • How to connect job descriptions and learning goals and objectives
  • Looking for learning and training opportunities daily
  • Explanations that document the development process
  • How to identify goals, objectives, and activities that stimulate learning and growth
Training and Development

Benefits of Training Design and Delivery

With our expertise you’ll learn the benefits that training design and delivery opportunities bring to your organization. Some of these are:

  • Better prepared members to help your organization achieve goals and objectives
  • More production
  • Motivated employees
  • More success in attracting and retaining employees

Our team at The Valbrun Consulting Group can assist with helping you to foster a successful learning environment for your organization.