The TVCG Approach: What Makes Us Different

The Valbrun Consulting Group (TVGC) collaborates with your team to co-design an interdependent planning approach to meet your needs and help to support, manage, and execute a customized work plan for equity. We also establish the objectives, programs, tasks, and timelines of a comprehensive audit strategy. Our audit strategy examines programmatic equity, achievement equity, and the experiences of underrepresented Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) within your organization.


How we use IDI®: To prepare for the implementation of building equity capacity, some work must be done in advance to create successful conditions. TVCG recommends the Intercultural Development Inventory® to assess both individual and organizational cross-cultural competence and readiness for equity and racial justice. To delve deeper into IDI process, read more here.


TVCG assists its clients in examining racism as a social determinant of student success. Anti-racism and equity audit findings and recommendations are used to chart a course of action, which changes systems, policies, and practices that create barriers to equitable student outcomes.


How we use PELP: Drawing on research and best, promising practices, TVCG uses the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) Framework to ensure organizational alignment and interdependence, as we support the development of a coherent and comprehensive equity audit. PELP addresses the Instructional Core – which is comprised of teachers’ knowledge and skill, students’ engagement in their own learning, and academically challenging content – Structure; Systems; and Culture.


TVCG believes in working together. While we rely upon researched and proven practices to set the foundational groundwork for our consultancy, we achieve our greatest success when our clients are active participants in their learning. In short, we rely upon our clients to help create their plans. As co-designers in our clients’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Development, we not only guide our clients through self-actualization exercises, we also assist them in forming internal groups – or Instructional Rounds –  that enable them to create their own high-quality instruction.


How we use Instructional Rounds:  The Instructional Rounds is a collective process by which educators can examine instructional practice in a non-evaluative setting and share observations and reflections to identify patterns of practice and determine next steps.  The Instructional Rounds protocol and tools send a clear message of measurement for improvement. TVCG provides a schedule of quarterly, monthly and bi-weekly support through virtual or in-person working sessions and coaching to specific client groups. Through these sessions, our experts can assist your leadership and professional team members in achieving outlined outcomes that move your organization toward greater inclusion, diversity and equity.

The Valbrun Consulting Group’s Equity Audit Journey


To facilitate the journey and create meaningful, experiential engagement for participants, our outcomes might include the following:


Step 1: Utilize the IDI® to assess individual and organizational cross-cultural competence

Step 2: Facilitate individual, one-on-one, 30-minute confidential feedback and coaching calls for each participant to review assessments results and discuss the Intercultural Development Plan

Step 3: Develop an Equity Theory of Action to advance the work

Step 4: Conduct a comprehensive equity audit to examine diversity, equity, and inclusion practices across the organization

Step 5: Align existing strategic plan goals to ensure embedded equity practices that eliminate opportunity gaps and remove barriers

Step 6: Determine the barriers to equity and inclusive leadership both within the organization and the communities you serve, and understand which policies and practices either help or hinder equity

Step 7: Leverage the Intercultural Development Continuum and the equity audit results to understand the current state and develop recommendations and opportunities to match

  • Co-design and deliver Learning Opportunities that move people along the Continuum toward becoming an anti-racist organization
  • Co-design processes and methods of measurement to encourage teamwork, internal support and new goal-setting
  • Provide on-site technical support and individual coaching on a customized schedule
How The Valbrun Consulting Can Help You

The Benefits of Working with The Valbrun Consulting Group


“Valda Valbrun was engaging and motivational, and presented material in a realistic manner that could be implemented.  Her ability to relate to my staff allowed her to be seen as a true practitioner. ​Valda worked one-on-one to help build (my team’s) capacity, and she followed up with reports that were targeted and actionable.  She was detailed in her recommendations for implementation, and they were realistic.” – Thomas Anderson, Superintendent, New Bedford Public Schools