Top 3 Tips for Building Team Culture for Educators


Looking to boost morale within your team and create a better workplace climate? Want to take your staff’s cohesiveness to the next level?

Building a strong team culture is imperative for workplace success and employee satisfaction. It promotes a healthy and happy environment, and it makes your leadership job easier!

Let’s get into the top three tips for building and enhancing team culture.

Establish and Nurture the Norms

In schools, each office and classroom environment and every adult-to- student and adult to adult dynamic impacts the overall school climate.

Building a strong school culture requires a set of norms for how everyone will work together, treat and support one another to build and nurture healthy relationships. A climate a mutual respect – students to students, students to staff, staff to staff, staff to students, staff to administration, administration to staff, administration to students and on and on.

The environment must be primed for collegiality and respect as the standard and best practice. That means that there is a high expectation and accountability for a standard of practice, grounded in mutual trust and confidence. Without this foundation, the rest of the work will always be difficult.

Build and Celebrate Authentic Relationships

Getting to know the people you work with is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to strengthen your team culture. Be intentional about allowing people to bring their authentic selves to work and allow them to express that beyond just “what they do” but also bring “who they are”.

Create a “connected” workplace by establishing some workplace traditions, celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, or retirements. Host potlucks or specialty appreciation lunches on a regular basis. Carve out time for celebrating holidays or even just small successes. Acknowledge accomplishments and recognize strengths so people feel appreciated and can reciprocate that with colleagues.

A happy workplace where employees feel supported and can support one another is a productive workplace, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Provide the Appropriate Resources

Even if you have the most talented employees, the greatest team needs the right resources and tools to thrive.

Provide the adequate budget, materials, and space for your teachers to convene and strategize. Protect them and their time and buffer them from distractions that derail. As the leader, stand between them and the things that could serve to hinder their success.

Create ample opportunities for growth and continuous improvement and share feedback and constructive criticism in a way that doesn’t damage relationships, and that helps people grow.

When individuals feel encouraged to grow within their organization and feel safe to make mistakes and learn, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their career.

Final Thoughts on Building a Team Culture

Even if you have your hands full with daily tasks and responsibilities, neglecting the cohesiveness of your team can be a costly mistake! Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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