Valda Valbrun, CEO & Founder

Ms. Valda Valbrun is the Founder and CEO of The Valbrun Consulting Group. As an established educational leader, she is known for passion toward inclusive, research-based, data-driven pedagogy. She is a system change facilitator with a proven track record of supporting schools and districts to change and manage educational practices and establish systems for achievement.

Michaelle Valbrun-Pope, COO

Michaelle Valbrun-Pope is the Chief Operating Officer of The Valbrun Consulting Group. With close to 40 years of experience in education in the New York City and Broward County, Florida school systems – two of the largest school systems in the nation –  Michaelle brings deep knowledge and expertise to the field. Her experiences range from the classroom as a teacher, to leading district-wide initiatives for student and family success.  She recently retired as the Chief of Student Support Initiatives & Recovery for Broward County Public Schools.