Developing the Transformational Power of Effective Leadership

Leadership is a powerful tool that results from education, experience, and skill. The Valbrun Consulting Group's commitment to leadership development is shaped by our own experiences as students, leaders, and most of all, as teachers. Most of our consultants are experienced educators with a passion for personal and professional growth, and we approach our work with the same passion and sense of responsibility that make for effective teachers.

With more than 25 years experience in both education and industry, we offer clients the knowledge and wisdom about individual and organizational growth needed to transform individual careers and entire organizations. By helping clients increase capacity within themselves and their organizations, we are addressing inequities, creating professional cultures that honor diversity, and fostering collective growth.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

VISION: To provide personalized support for organizational leaders as they build internal capacity to address challenges, implement improvement strategies, and empower their team members to create impactful, safe, inclusive, and equitable work and learning environments.

MISSION: To work in partnership with our clients to identify creative, individualized solutions, and provide high-quality tools that ignite personal success and organizational success.


  • To invest in people
  • To Honor Diversity and Inclusion
  • To add value to an organization’s effectiveness
  • To create belonging & foster courageous and authentic leadership


Because we focus on fostering personal growth in those best set up to advance organizational growth, we start with the people. No two clients have the same experience with us because no two clients have the same set of challenges. We approach our work as teachers and coaches, steering clients towards growth in the areas that will have the biggest and longest lasting impacts on their organizations and communities. We work as a team to set goals, develop performance indicators, and co-design a roadmap to achievement.