Inclusion is a Journey: Rethinking Equity vs. Equality

Often in my work as a professional developer of educators and leaders, I remind participants that becoming culturally responsive is a journey, and that one cannot expect to become culturally proficient simply because they attended a diversity training or two. In fact, I share that the journey never really ends, not even for someone like […]

Why Comprehensive Employee Training is so Essential


After a long process of interviews and reference checks, you may think your new hire has all the skills required to be successful. While somewhat true, it is crucial to continue training opportunities. Providing resources for training and employee development helps keep quality staff. It also saves you money in the long run. Still not […]

4 Ways You Might Use the Supports of an Executive Coach

executive coaching

Being in a position of leadership and managing a team of people working towards one goal is challenging, but rewarding. Executives often put supports in place for those they lead, but seldom put a support plan in place for themselves. Leadership can be a lonely place, and while you focus on the growth of your […]

Top 3 Tips for Building Team Culture for Educators


Looking to boost morale within your team and create a better workplace climate? Want to take your staff’s cohesiveness to the next level? Building a strong team culture is imperative for workplace success and employee satisfaction. It promotes a healthy and happy environment, and it makes your leadership job easier! Let’s get into the top […]

How to Develop Leadership Capacity Among Members of Your Staff


The Professional Standards for Educational leaders, (formerly known as ISLLC Standards) suggest that effective educational leaders develop the professional capacity of school personnel and provide them with opportunities and mentoring. We know that simply leading from the top doesn’t work and that good leaders understand the value of shared leadership, and know that many voices […]

Live Inclusively Actualized: Taking Action Against Complicity

As a Haitian-American, I was affected by recent statements made by the President of the United States. Of course, it makes sense that I would be hurt or angered. Despite being born and raised in the U.S., I took personally these statements that disparaged a place that is so much a part of my heritage. […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Strategy Implementation

Improvement Strategy

Most districts require an annual school improvement plan. In many cases, creating one is more of an act of compliance, rather than a real roadmap for change. Here are three ways you can advance an improvement strategy for results. 1. Be S.M.A.R.T While most improvement plans have a series of goals, it’s important to make […]

Emotional Leadership: How to Use Your Emotional Intelligence to Be a Better Leader

emotional leadership

Do you have emotional high intelligence? Signs of emotional intelligence include politeness, self-reflection, and awareness of other people’s feelings. These are great attributes to have in business. In this article, we’ll explain how these characteristics are crucial for effective leaders. Read on to find out why emotional leadership is important in the workplace and how […]

3 Reasons A Leadership Development Strategy Is Essential For Educators

leadership development strategy

Today, the median salary for a school principal is close to $100,000 — nearly double that of a teacher. Next to teachers, a strong and effective instructional leader is the second most important human resource in any school building. As an instructional leader, the expectation is that you model, coach and mentor to build leadership […]